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if you have some pics to add send them to me and I will get them on the web ND5T  at mycallsign@arrl.net

Tommy, Larry, and Fred sharing storys  The Cooking Team at work  Dinner is served 

JoAnne, Jeff, Ron, & Kelly in conversation  Tommy, and Cheryl  Glen

Gail  Glen, Cotton, Fred, and 2 Clydes Jeff, Clyde, Fred, JC looking at JC's dual alternators

David, Jesse, and Brenda  Gail, Tommy, Cheryl ND5T N5IF KB5YC and KE5JCL, in the group

Happy Birthday Clyde N5IF  Clyde's Birthday Cake  Tommy, Larry, Clyde, and Ron getting Cake 

group shout under the tent  Brenda and Steph  Jeff and Phil 

Cotton and Glen  Jeff, Ron, Phil, Clyde 


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