Christmas Party 2009

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Stu, lois, and Robert wondering when the food gets here? Brenda looking lovely Cy, JC, and eddie in deep thought with Sammy behind Fred and Cheryl with Margret lookin in Jeff, Marcella, and Bucks wife Joanne, David and Gail behind them Marcella, Joann and Kelly posing Walley thinking I need some food Far shot with Brenda, Patsy, David, and Gail Stephene, and JC coming in the door Group Picture of everyone in different conversations Clyde and Fred in the Kitchen Table with all the sweets Ron and Kelly Jimmy, Ron, and JC shot of the serving area with all the food Cheryl, dressed up for the occasion Clyde, Stephene, and Brenda (plotting in the kitchen) Clyde, Stephene, and Brenda posing for all to see Buck and Jeff with Stu and Lois still waiting on thier food Jimmy and Warren at the back of the room