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Call or E-mail to schedule a test session


So you want to get a ham license, you have come to the right place.  The SHARK club offers one day courses for taking your ham test.  Contact someone in the club or check the home page for updates

Our one day class including the examination will be from 8 AM until approximately 1:30 PM.

Both the ARRL and the W5YI study guides are good for studying for your license. However, the sequence of the study questions vary between the two of them. For this reason, we encourage our students to obtain the ARRL book, to avoid confusion.

After we test on Saturday, we process the paperwork, and email it and the licenses are usually issued and posted on the internet in about 2 to 5 days. Once you know what your callsign is, you may immediately start operating, even though it may be another week before you have your license in your hands. The NEW method is  Copying  paperwork to pdf  and emailing to ARRL  so it is there Monday after the exam

The question pools are updated every 3 to 4 years.

Technician One Day Tutorial
SHARK club offers a 1 Day class for the technician license. These classes are conducted free of charge for those interested in obtaining their Technician Class amateur radio operators license and are open to anyone interested. There is no age limit. We also offer class for General License when we have enough interest.

There will be a $15.00 fee for taking the exam ( Make checks out to American Radio Relay League ). Please bring some form of photo ID. A Texas drivers license is perfect. Also as of 2022 the FCC has added a $35.00 license fee. This fee is payable to the FCC directly from the person requesting the license.

Prior to taking the examination the person interested must open an account with the FCC and obtain an FRN Number. FCC is no longer accepting SSN as proper identification.

After you pass the license exam, your license will be issued by The Federal Communications Commission in about 6 working days.

Contact Bub Melton for more info send an e-mail to

 The class is for the technician exam but anyone can test for an upgrade to any license class.


1.A legal photo ID (driver’s license, passport).
2. When no photo ID is available, two forms of identification must be presented:
a. non-photo ID/driver's license (some states still have them)
b. birth certificate (must have the appropriate seal)
d. library card
e. utility bill, bank statement or other business correspondence that specifically names the person; or a postmarked envelope addressed to the person at his or her current mailing address as it appears on the Form 605.

3. Students may bring any of the above items and/or a school ID, minor's work permit, report card, or a legal guardian may present a photo ID.

4. Bring your FCC issued Federal Registration Number (FRN). VEC’s are required by the FCC to submit your FRN number with your license application form. You must register with the FCC before exam day. Once you have a FCC issued FRN, you are ready to test. For instructions on how to register your SSN with the FCC and receive a FRN, visit the FCC's FAQ page and the FCC's registration instructions page. Please note that some exam teams will only accept a valid FRN on your application. Check with your local exam team before exam day.

5. If applicable, bring either the original and a photocopy of your current Amateur Radio license, or the original(s) and photocopy(s) of any Certificates of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) you may hold from previous exam sessions. If your license has already been
issued by FCC, the CSCE showing license credit is not needed. The photocopy(s) will not be returned.

6. Black ink pen

7. A calculator with the memory erased and formulas cleared is allowed.

You may not bring any written notes or calculations into the exam session.
Slide rules and logarithmic tables are acceptable, as long as they're free
of notes and formulas. Cell phone must be silenced or turned off during
the exam session and the phones' calculator function may not be used.
In addition, iPhones, iPads, Androids, smartphones, Blackberry devices
and all similar electronic devices with a calculator capability, may NOT
be used.

8. Bring a check , or cash to cover the exam session fee(s). Check the ARRL VEC’s current exam fee.

If anyone has any questions about the class or test, please contact me as shown below.

About Ham Radio License

In the US, there are three license levels, which are
Technician class
General class
Extra Class.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) grants these licenses.  Testing is administered by VE's that are accredited thru one of the agency's assigned by the FCC.  The Shark club is associated with the ARRL VE system that is responsible for the majority of license exams given each year.

The ARRL VEC Test Fee for 2023 is $15.00

The Sam Houston Amateur Radio Club has several ARRL licensed VE's that provided frequent VE testing.

Testing can be scheduled by contacting  Bob (N5BUM), by sending an e-mail to , or by contacting any of the members of the shark club.

Sammy Neal (N5AF) was (now SK) the number 2 VE Session count holder in the US with over 500 sessions through ARRL VE system.  


Bub and Leona Melton teach a one day " accelerated " class that takes about 6 - 7 hours and the test exam is given immediately after that. The class is free to anyone who wishes to attend.

The actual fee for taking the test ( we keep no part of this fee ) is $15.00 and is mandated by ARRL. The license is usually issued in about 6 days.

Please send e-mail to bubmelton@gmail for scheduling and info on required materials and books .


If you prefer studying on your own you can still take the test with the SHARK club.  We recommend that you use one of the study guides that can be purchased  from  After you have read the study guide, please  make use of one of the Free online practice test.  Take as many practice test as you can to ensure your ready for the real thing.  ARRL has an online study guide available Technician click here,

To take a practice test try one of the following sites

QRZ PRACTICE TEST from qrz logo

AA9PW Practice Test

Eham Practice Test

KB0MGA Practice Test

The following is a band plan for you to use after you take your test

Download HF Band Plan IN PDF FORMAT

Download VHF Band Plan IN PDF FORMAT

Visit the ARRL website The ARRL is a National Radio Club that prints a monthly magazine called QST.  If you choose to join ARRL you will receive this magazine with great info for the beginning ham. 

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